Activity Packet + Guided Tour to Espai Cràter

120 minutes
€ 170

Choose one of the activities we offer and complement it with a guided tour of Espai Cràter that we adapt to suit distinct educational levels. Visitors will be able to enjoy our experimental activities on a variety of topics, and tour the exhibition hall accompanied by our educational staff, who will be showing the exhibits and modules in the centre.

For more information and to book activities, contact the Crater Space Customer Service.

Similar activities

Espai Cràter Guided Tour
Come and discover the new Espai Cràter, the new volcano center! Discover, talk, and reflect on the formation and structure of our planet, volcanic activity, its materials and characteristics, the risk assessment and prevention, the roles that volcanoes have played in the region of La Garrotxa, and the socio-environmental challenges of the future. You can tour the exhibition hall of Espai Cràter, individually or in groups, with our educational staff. Discover Espai Cràter secrets at the center and try out the interactive exhibition modules.
A Guided Visit to the Montsacopa Volcano
Come and discover one of Olot’s own volcanoes, right next to the Espai Cràter! This volcano is formed by a regular-shaped cone and a well-preserved crater. You will find out how it was formed, the history of its volcanic activity, its materials and its characteristics. You can also visit the volcano’s lapilli quarries, which are a local point of geological, scientific, cultural, educational and scenic interest. All information has been adapted to the different ages and needs of each group level. Two types of activities are available: the Reduced Tour, which includes a visit to the volcano’s lapilli quarries, and the Complete Tour, where visitors go up to the crater.
Pigments of nature
What colors do we find in nature? We observe our environment to discover them, reveal how natural pigments were extracted in the past and we will experiment to extract our pigments from fruits and vegetables. Then, we will see paintings of volcanic landscapes made by renowned artists from La Garrotxa and we will become artists to make a work of art with our natural paints. An activity where science and art go hand in hand.