Educational Activities

An Eruption of Colours
You’ll feel what it is to be a volcanologist, to discover through experimentation, what a volcano is like, its different parts and that not all volcanoes are the same. You’ll then get the chance to create your own volcano and make it erupt. After that we’ll be looking at a traditional drystone wall, and we’ll play with creating constructions from volcanic materials, just like the people of La Garrotxa did, many years ago; the idea is to show the close relationship between volcanoes and people that has formed part of this region’s identity.
We’re inside a Volcano
A team of scientists is asking us for help to find out if Espai Cràter is really inside a volcano. We will be acting just like geologists and carrying out scientific research, putting scientific method into practice. To perform our investigation, we’ll be collecting samples in the field, before analysing them in the laboratory, where we will go on to look at the properties of the minerals found (their porosity, magnetism, electrical conductivity, fluorescence, etc.) and so be able to confirm our hypothesis. After that we will look into the work of volcanologists, how they work and what tools they use, and we’ll see how a seismograph works. Finally, we’ll look at why it is so important to look after the environment and find out about social movements like “Salvem els volcans” (Save the volcanoes), before making a short video to help promote sustainability.
(R)evolutionise Energy!
Using experiences, models and prototypes, you will find out what energy is and how it is transformed. You’ll also discover how humans have learned to use different sources of energy throughout history. Afterwards, we’ll be visiting the Espai Cràter geothermal installation and we’ll do experiments to find out how it works. Students will then be provided with a variety of materials to design and make prototypes of green, energy-powered facilities. Finally, we will be looking into the importance of using renewable energy sources for environmental conservation and the fight against climate change.
Volcanoes and Life
Are you ready to go back in time? In this activity we will be revealing the key role of volcanoes in the origins of life on Earth and we will be acting as scientists, following the evolutionary trail. We will be looking at cells under a microscope and discovering the differences between animal and plant cells. This experiment shows how photosynthesis brought about the changes that made life as we know it possible. We will then investigate fossils that show the evolution of different species in the animal kingdom and see how volcanoes have influenced numerous extinctions. We will finally be extracting our own DNA, the key to evolution itself!
(De)constructing the Espai Cràter
How was Espai Cràter made? You’ll be discovering through investigation how knowledge and information has been generated, collected and shared in different historical eras. We’ll reveal, through dynamics, which professional profiles make it possible to create and maintain such equipment. You’ll then be taking on the role of historians to analyse and classify different ancient documents from our area that have been left in the Espai Cràter archives. Once the importance of documentary sources in creating the history of a region has been discovered, the children will be asked to design the prototype for a digital resource that allows them to collect testimonies and experiences from visitors to Espai Cràter, in spoken, or written, or visual or audiovisual formats.
The Physics of Volcanoes
You will become geophysical experts and using laboratory experiments, you will see how the Earth and its geographical features were formed: What is our planet like inside? Why do tectonic plates move? How do they relate to volcanic activity? You will also be experimenting with creating different types of geographical features to see how the forces applied shaped the earth’s crust. You’ll also find out about different types of volcanic eruptions, their characteristics, and what makes an eruption either more or less violent. Finally, we will transfer all our knowledge to La Garrotxa, to see the geological processes that have given shape to the unique landscape of this area.
Cràter Studio
A local film producer, Cràter Studio, is preparing a science fiction series located in La Garrotxa, and they are looking for new talent! You will become screenplay writers and create a science fiction story based on the socio-environmental challenges facing the region, in a context of climate emergency and global crisis. In order to give scientific rigour to the story, you will have to create a credible narrative story from an initial phase of documentation, whose first step is the exhibition hall. The next step is the preparation of the script and the storyboard to help you express your ideas. Your final task will be to present your projects to your classmates. Remember, just like in Hollywood, the panel will be evaluating and rating all projects. Who will produce the most original, the most accurate, the best comedy or even the best tragedy?
Espai Cràter Guided Tour
Come and discover the new Espai Cràter, the new volcano centre! Discover, talk and reflect on the formation and structure of our planet, volcanic activity, its materials and characteristics, the risk assessment and prevention, the roles that volcanoes have played in the region of La Garrotxa and the socio-environmental challenges of the future. You can tour the exhibition hall of Espai Cràter, individually or in groups, with our educational staff. Discover Espai Cràter secrets at the centre and try out the interactive exhibition modules.
A Guided Visit to the Montsacopa Volcano
Come and discover one of Olot’s own volcanoes, right next to the Espai Cràter! This volcano is formed by a regular-shaped cone and a well-preserved crater. You will find out how it was formed, the history of its volcanic activity, its materials and its characteristics. You can also visit the volcano’s lapilli quarries, which are a local point of geological, scientific, cultural, educational and scenic interest. All information has been adapted to the different ages and needs of each group level. Two types of activities are available: the Reduced Tour, which includes a visit to the volcano’s lapilli quarries, and the Complete Tour, where visitors go up to the crater.
Activity Packet + Guided Tour to Espai Cràter
Choose one of the activities we offer and complement it with a guided tour of Espai Cràter that we adapt to suit distinct educational levels. Visitors will be able to enjoy our experimental activities on a variety of topics, and tour the exhibition hall accompanied by our educational staff, who will be showing the exhibits and modules in the centre.