Rethinking places to live

Landscape is a sample of the behaviour of societies in a given place and time and also becomes a repository of meanings that allow us to identify ourselves as a collective. Landscape is, therefore, an element of cohesion and the creation of individual and collective identities. However, perception and experience are different depending on the background of the person who experiences it.

From the interest between mental health and landscape, during two weeks, from 2 to 11 November 2022, this national conference was organised, which consisted of 4 participative workshops, a residency in Faberllull with 12 members and various proposals raised in the challenges of the workshops of 2021 and April 2022. On the other hand, Rethinking places to live has been the prelude to various links between local entities, national residents and new projects that are happening afterwards.

In recent years, different methodologies of social innovation and citizen laboratories have been developed all over the world, considered as qualitative improvement tools to rethink the landscape, making it inclusive and accessible to everyone. These approaches have been present in Rethinking Places to Live, both in the talks and in the workshops and residencies, with the aim of testing them and debating their suitability in each context.

All the activities around this project have sought to raise awareness of the relationship between emotional well-being and landscape and also to project challenges in the field of public space in the city of Olot in order to create connections and alliances between the participants. You can watch the talks on the YouTube channel.

Rethinking the Crater Space, Listening to the old town beats, Feeling Pequín in common and Local innovation spaces: how do we begin to address common challenges? were the workshops proposed, whose main axis is the interrelationship between young people and public space and urbanism as an element of impact on mental health. See the programme.

Below you will find the workshops, the video summary and some photographs of the conference.