The Batet Project


Batet de la Serra possesses a unique heritage and landscape.

However, the transformations of everyday life here, with the loss of farms and the aging of the population, have led to the disappearance of an intangible, highly-valued heritage with respect to the local community. In 2018, the Board of Local Residents used the participatory budgets of Olot City Council to propose a research project based on the history of the area.

From 2019, the Board of Local Residents and Espai Cràter began working together in developing an initiative based on sustainability and history. Documentary research and interviews were used to retrieve knowledge about Batet de la Serra that had almost been lost forever. We worked with local resident to find publications about local history, and have so far conducted over 10 recorded interviews with senior citizens.

The project is still more alive than ever, with enthusiasm to continue working together to investigate and recover the past of Batet de la Serra. The results of the research can be seen in the documentary film Memòries de Batet.

Documentary Memòries de Batet