The Spaces

Espai Cràter has a ground floor and a mezzanine. The Magma Room, the Bufador Classroom, the Cambra room and the lobby are all to be found on the ground floor, as is the shop, the toilets and other services. The mezzanine hosts the Zona Sísmica, that is, the offices and a multipurpose area for participatory activities, presentations or research.




The Cambra room

This room houses a permanent exhibition on volcanology. It is accessed from the lobby, through a first room, where an immersive audiovisual is projected, as well as from the Bufador Classroom. The visitors’ route leads to the last access, which is located next to the store.

The room is dominated by a large 13m wide sloping face of lapilli, which forms one of the walls of the area, and shows the true heart of the Puig del Roser volcano, where the building is located.

Bufador Classroom

Surface area: 88 m2

This is a multipurpose space that has been designed for complementary activities, it is accessible from the lobby and has direct access to the Cambra room. It is illuminated by a tall window that overlooks the main entrance and one of the building’s skylights. Its daily tasks include hosting educational activities, it is equipped with mobile tables, chairs, a sink and a mobile monitor.

The Magma Room

Surface area: 144 m2

Capacity: 110 seats

This area is ideal for hosting a wide variety of cultural, social and business events, such as conferences, seminars, small-format concerts, awards ceremonies, screenings, etc. It has 110 fixed seats, a control cabin and a dressing room. The Magma Room has excellent acoustic qualities, and is equipped with high-definition microphones and projection equipment, as well as resources for recording and streaming. It is accessed from the main lobby.

Zona Sísmica

Surface Area: 230 m2
Located on the mezzanine floor, this area is accessed by a staircase from the lobby. The area is closed to the public and has two independent, direct accesses from the outside of the building: one through the stairs (near the bullring) and the other through the lift that communicates with the upper park. It has two bay windows to illuminate and provide views: one facing the bullring and the other facing the lobby, which overlooks the main entrance to the building and the park.

The first bay window has a stand for small-format presentations or talks. It is a multifunctional space with a segregated meeting room, its own services and a small kitchen. It has been conceived as a fluid and dynamic space with irregular geometry.


This lobby is fitted with a double-door, and is accessible from Carrer del Roser and Carrer Macarnau where it meets Carrer Melcior Domenge. It has been conceived as a space of passage, of transition, of journeying. Its irregular geometry with its sloping walls makes it a fluid space, halfway between the indoor and the outdoor world. It is the information and distribution hub of all the centre’s activities. It is illuminated through the entrances themselves, and through one of the skylights. One part of the lobby is twice as high as its counterpart.


A lift connects the two floors of Espai Cràter and the urban park above the building. Ring the bell to access the lift from outside the centre.


The toilets at Espai Cràter gender neutral and are accessible to people with reduced mobility, they are also equipped with baby changers.


The lobby next to reception, hosts a shop with merchandise from Espai Cràter, as well as local products.


Locker Service
We want our visitors to enjoy a more comfortable experience when they visit us. We have therefore provided a locker service that activates with a one-euro coin. If you need to leave personal mobility vehicles, such as electric scooters or folding bicycles, just ask at reception.


Rest Area
The lobby has a seating area so that visitors can relax before, during, or after their visits. Benches are also available in the Cambra room, in case you need to take a break.


Espai Cràter has free Internet access for all visitors.


Food and Beverages
There are two vending machines with food, drinks and coffee in the lobby. Locally-made food and beverages are available at the shop.